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My work area is mainly the Spectral Theory of Operators. This area is located at the intersection of Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis and the Theory of Equations of various types, such as differential , integral and difference equations. Tools from Harmonic Analysis, Complex Variable and Theory of Measure, are frequently used. My main interest has been the understanding of the structure of mathematical objects. Nevertheless, diverse aspects of the theory of the spectrum of differential and in difference equations, are important in several areas of Physics related to the study of vibrations, wave propagation and Quantum Mechanics. One of the main motivations of my work, has been to understand different aspects of the spectral behavior of Schrödinger's Equation. Since my undergraduate studies in Mathematics in the Sciences Faculty ( UNAM) I got interested in Mathematical Analysis and in some equations relevant to physical phenomena. Later, during my doctoral studies I began to study spectral problems related to Quantum Mechanics.




Last modified: 2010-07-28